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Villa Retreats

Villa Retreats is a specialist luxury villa rental company based in Cheshire. They have a high-end portfolio of villas available to rent in exciting locations around the world.

Since my first contact with Villa Retreats over 8 years ago I have worked with them on 2 redesigns of their site. Due to the fast pased progression of web technologies and web trends it is important that they maintain a fresh look and have a site which is user friendly and responds to all devices.

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What I do for Villa Retreats...

The Villa Retreats site has recently had a makeover as the company had a rebrand. The branding and designs for the new website were created by Mero (Brand Design Agency in Manchester). It was my job to build the website based upon the designs which Mero had created.

Main duties involve regular updates to the website and villa properties, as well as scoping for new additions to improve the sites performance and improve conversions. Outside of the website, I also provide them with email marketing services to their 10K+ database, and also look after various print/design promotional related tasks.

  • Website Development
  • Email marketing
  • Project Management
  • Various design tasks
  • Updates on a regular basis
  • Scoping for enhancements
  • Ongoing support

Lisa has been our web developer for the past 8 years. I dont think our online business would be as successfull as it is today without her valuable input and contribution. Since she created the site, she provides us with regular updates ensuring our business continues to grow, liasing with all other professionals we utilise such as back-end development team, SEO and PPC.

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