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I have set up email marketing campaigns for a range of clients and take care of every detail, from ensuring that the email will look good on all email clients, the emails are mobile-friendly, to making sure your emails don’t end up in spam folders.

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Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your customers

Email Marketing is a proven technique in letting new and existing customers alike know just what you offer and why they should use you. It allows you to build your relationship or trust with customers, engaging with them so you’re always fresh in their mind and increasing awareness with your brand.

I have set up email marketing campaigns for a range of clients, taking care of every detail, from design; ensuring that the email will look good on all email clients, delivery; ensuring the emails are fully compliant with all mail clients and mobile-friendly, to making sure your emails are effective and provide results.

I'm really good at...

...Creating great looking email campaigns which deliver the right marketing message, at the right time, and deliver results. Here is how I do this...

  • Email design

    I am happy to create a email design for you or if you already have the designs created I can just create the mark-up to ensure it works in all email clients. When designing a email for a campaign there are various methods in achieving interest, whether it be through using space and colour, to using animations. I can create a design suitable to your offering.

  • HTML EMail Development

    The development of an email campaign differs slightly to that of building web pages. Web browsers are a lot more friendly on us developers and display exactly how we desire. However email clients (and there are many of them!) all differ in the way they display your beautiful email. I develop emails which are tested in all major email clients ensuring they display correctly on all clients and devices.

  • Responsive for Mobile

    With around 50% of all emails being viewed on a mobile device, It is now even more important to create an email campaign which displays correctly on Mobile devices. I ensure all email marketing campaigns are designed in a fully mobile responsive friendly format and are tested in all major email clients for desktop & mobile devices.

  • Email Marketing Platform

    I am familiar with various email marketing platforms, but my platform of choice would be Mailchimp. I find it an affordable solution for my clients as it provides great flexibility, functionality and provides great stats/reports in order for you to complete and analyse the success of a campaign.

  • Grow your recipient list

    Building an engaged recipient list is an important aspect of email marketing. It can be time consuming but taking the time to grow your email list the right way, by not renting, buying, or sharing lists, will keep you in good stead. Having 'Newsletter signup forms' on your website are a great way to improve your recipient lists. The more recipients you having, the higher the 'open rates', the higher clicker-through rates equals a higher percentage of enquiries.

  • Tracking & reporting

    Dependant on the Email Marketing Platform used to send out your emailers, the majority of them provide stats and reports to show you how recipients have interacted with your email. These stats and reports show open rates, clickthrough rates and which sections of your email has acquired most interest. They can be useful in analysing the success of a campaign on how to make changes to improve going forward.

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